Our Vision:

We aim to foster and encourage youth involvement in the Dunedin/Ōtepoti and wider Otago classical music sphere, in the hopes of ensuring a fresh wave of classical music enthusiasts for years to come.

What we offer:

  • A go-to online source of information on local concerts from a large variety of organisations, whether these be international touring ensembles, national groups, or local performers.
  • A platform for youth to challenge themselves academically through review and op-ed opportunities, and our high-school program.
  • A strong social media presence which shares images from concerts, video interviews, and opinion pieces.
  • A social community.
  • A support system that can assist young musicians in the logistics of organising concerts or local area tours.

Our motivation:

As young musicians, we feel a responsibility to ensure that concert halls are filled long into the future. It cannot be denied that classical music education is no longer seen as a fundamental element of many young peoples’ education. As the number of children enrolled for classical music lessons drops, university classical programs are cut, and concert audiences age, it is vital that action is taken to keep classical music alive.

What makes us different:

Being a program driven by young people, we believe that The Wave has the ability to reach a greater number of youth than existing programs. We do not propose to be a competitor in the market, rather, we are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to young people in classical music. The Wave aims to be a source of information and support created by young people, for young people. Being student driven, we will be able to successfully initiate person to person interaction within our community.